Why Coworking?

Make meaningful connections and increase your day-to-day networking potential by building relationships with like-minded individuals in a shared work space. Open floor plans, communal desks for teams and private offices in a bright, airy atmosphere create an affordable, professional alternative to working from home, encourage collaboration and allow you to find new inspiration, every day. The freedom to sit (or stand) somewhere new on a whim, fuel your productivity with a free cup of coffee or socialize with neighbors at your leisure provides the flexibility needed to create a motivational and energizing environment where you work well.

Our Location

Palo Alto

Enerspace Palo Alto space is located directly off of the 101 Embarcadero exit and offers ample, free parking. Once here, it’s a short walk to the Baylands trail—a perfect spot for walk-and-talk meetings or your daily bike/run. Enjoy easy access to Orange Theory Fitness, Starbucks, dry-cleaning, a nail salon and great lunch options in the shopping plaza right across 101. On Wednesdays, pop across the street for a Food Truck lunch featuring local favorites.


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Member Interview: Scott Wentworth

Why did you join a coworking space? I like being around energetic, smart, motivated people — and I don’t like working from home. Plus, my wife and I are expecting our first child in March 2016, so my home office will soon become less conducive for writing white papers and more conducive to changing diapers.

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