6 Reasons to Get a Virtual Office

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You’re living the dream and working for yourself or on a startup.

From home.

The mailman may be the only live human you encounter all day. You like him. But should you really be sending your business mail to your home address?

Six Reasons to get a Virtual Office:

  1. You need to get mail in another state. Virtual office providers will take your mail and scan it to you or send it to you.
  2. You need to make sure that you get legal documents. When I lived in a three-flat in Wicker park, the mail carrier used to routinely give my mail to the neighbors and vice-versa.
  3. You receive packages for your business but are not home during the day to sign for them. Virtual office providers will take your packages and store them for you until you swing by to pick them up.
  4. You need occasional meeting room space. Most local business address providers will give you discount on conference room rentals and coworking passes as part of your virtual office package.
  5. You need a phone number that’s not your personal cell phone. Most virtual offices offer that too!
  6. You don’t need everyone that gets your business card to know where you live.  Googling addresses yields a wealth of data these days.

Get yours here.

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