Are you a freelancer or mobile professional?

Why you need a virtual office

You know the scenario: you check your mail in the afternoon, anxious for those proofs your printer promised to send two weeks ago, and next thing you know you’ve lost an hour to the spring Crate & Barrel catalogue.

When you work from home, separating your home life from your work life can be extra challenging. (If your kitchen table leads a double life as a work desk, we’re looking at you.)

One easy way to focus the blurry line between the professional and the personal? Set up a business mailing address, aka a virtual office. Not only does a separate business address offer a more established professional presence, it can be just the nudge toward increased work-life balance you need.

Many freelancers or mobile professVirtual Mailboxionals choose to use a post office box, but some businesses don’t deliver to P.O. boxes. Enerspace Coworking’s virtual office memberships are a benefits-packed alternative. Not only will you have a business mailing address, you’ll get occasional access to our shared workspace facility (for those days when you could really use a break from home) and conference rooms (to wow your client with a meeting space that isn’t Starbucks). Check out our virtual office membership plans here.

Other benefits of an Enerspace virtual office membership include:

  • Consistency for legal documents like tax forms, secretary of state notices, etc., even if you move
  • Access to community events like cooking and exercise classes (Even if you prefer to work from home most of the time, you know it’s healthy to extend your daily conversations beyond the pet realm!)
  • Secure package delivery (We’ll be the friendliest doorman you ever had.)
  • Email notification of received mail and packages, and depending on your membership, letter shredding, mail forwarding, and letter scanning
  • Hospitality and interaction with professional staff when you come in (We’re much more welcoming than your average neighborhood post office.)

And let’s not forget privacy, because let’s be honest— you love your clients, but they can be a little…unpredictable. Virtual offices provide you with the privacy necessary if a curious client, say, Googles your home address to check its value. (It happens!)

We also offer local phone numbers if you need a more established phone presence, a Chicago number but you don’t live in Chicago, or if Google Voice just isn’t your thing.

We have a ton of membership options, so be sure to check out all of them here. We hope to see you soon!

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