What neighborhood do you live in?
Amee lives a short walk away in River West and Janet lives up in Lakeview

Why did you decide to join a Chicago coworking space?
We joined Enerspace because we work best when we are in the same place, and we wanted a dedicated place to work. The great people that we have met here and the amenities are just a big bonus!
What do you do for work?
With Steve Levitt, of Freakonomics fame, we have co-founded Spin for Good- a site that combines online gaming with charitable giving by letting people play popular casino-style games to win real money for their favorite charity. We also have a small consulting business where we bring analytic techniques from academic economics to the business world-helping companies create strategies using insights gleaned from date and experiments.
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What do you do for fun? We both love to run. We typically spend Sunday morning training fro our next race, and the trying out a new brunch place (guilt-free!).
What’s one thing about you we’d never learn just by chatting you up at the coffee bar?  When we are working late on a tough data problem, Amee can take a nap and wake up with the solution. It’s happened multiple times! Janet’s ankle pops when she runs, continuously. Amee thinks Janet’s foot is going to fall off. Janet thinks its fine.
What do you do to keep yourself balanced? We both try to stay healthy to balance the stress of work. We love trying different exercise classes and pretending to be hardcore. We also love exploring the city. Amee goes to a lot of concerts and is always checking out what’s new in the restaurant scene. Janet likes finding great Italian food and going out dancing.
How has your business benefitted from being in a coworking space?
We have met a lot of interesting people here, who have listened to what we do and asked a lot of great questions. It helps us to hear people’s ideas and questions when they learn about our idea. Plus we love hearing what other people are working on!

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