I recently read an article from the research team at Herman Miller Furniture “Sit.Stand.Move.Repeat“. It focuses on how the human body was designed to move and not be sedentary all day. The article mentions that too much sitting or standing is bad for you and your day should consistent of a good balance of both. This sounds like common sense but the majority of us probably don’t even think about how much time we spend sitting each day.

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Before coming to Enerspace coworking in Palo Alto, I spent my days working in a research lab. By nature of the job, I never spent more than 20 minutes in the same space. I rotated between my computer, lab bench, and microscope station all day. I never even had the option to spend all day sitting at a desk. When I started working at Enerspace, I was given a legit desk, next to the entrance where I could easily greet members and get my work accomplished. However, I found that this was not the ideal situation for me. I got antsy after a few minutes and would quickly go and check on coffee or take a lap around the space.

Then, one glorious day, I decided to try the standing desks provided in the space. It was an immediate click! I could stand and move all the while getting work accomplished. I even found that standing at them after lunch really helped that post lethargic feeling we all get. Now, I have a routine of standing a few hours every morning and every afternoon mixed with a walk or workout and staying sedentary for the remainder of the time. It keeps me happy and less antsy, that is for sure!

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