Make Your Own Standing Desk for $22

Since we’ve already posted about how sitting is the new smoking, we thought we provide a practical solution for those of you that would like to give your butt a rest in 2014.

Someone from the media recently contacted me about a story on fitness-related furniture. She wondered what I had seen that had worked. I told her that I like things that are super simple, inexpensive and that don’t require major shifts in behavior. The standing desk, if done the right way, is simple and natural to integrate. We think that even affordable electric adjustable standing desks are not really in the average home or coworking office budget ($800 at

So we have to options that we like.  One: the HON SmartLink(TM) Sit to Stand desk for about $150 for each desk or an Ikea Hack for about $22.

This images shows the Ikea hack in action at Enerspace Coworking.

Standing Desk








One of our members shared the recipe:

Here’s what you need:

Note: Make sure you get an 11 inch shelf + 11 inch brackets. This means you don’t need to screw in the shelf to the bracket (unless you want to).

Also, because the legs of the Lack side table are not strong wood, if you just screw into them they will tear out. Get longer bolts so that you can attach the shelf to the legs by drilling all the way through the legs – then putting big washers on the other side.

 So you also need:
* 4 Bolts that are 4 inches long, with matching nuts
* 4 washers that are 1 inch in diameter and fit with the nuts and bolts.

This is adapted from this Lifehacker post that includes detailed assembly instructions.

Standing Desk Kit


  • Jacqui H says:

    I used a lack coffee table, some pretty brackets from ikea and a MDF shelf from Home depot to create my version of this standing desk. The best best of using the coffee table was that instead of using the included shelf underneath, I used it on the non-shelf side of the desk so no one could see my components underneath! Its a perfect fit and makes the desk look like a cube, but I love it so far.

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