What neighborhood do you live in? Shoreline blvd., Mountain View

Why did you decide to join a coworking space? Be around startup people.  We are a startup and want to be around people who are also trying to build a business and change the world for the better.

What do you do for work? Work on CottonBrew, a startup online menswear company that focuses on made-to-measure suits and shirts.

What do you do for fun when you’re not working at a coworking space? Rock climbing, hiking, ping pong.

What’s one thing about you we’d never learn just by chatting you up at the coffee bar? I dropped out of highschool.

What do you do to keep yourself balanced? Workout, travel to new places, dance.

How has your business benefited from being in a coworking space? We have not tried any coworking spaces yet, but believe we will be more productive in an environment that fosters creativity and entrepreneurship.


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