Member Interview: KIJOON LEE

                                                         What neighborhood do you live in? San MateoKijoon Lee
Why did you decide to join a coworking space? For team meetings and personal workspace.
What do you do for work? Founder of a digital health startup.
What do you do for fun when you’re not working at a coworking space? Spend time with family and friends, movies, golf (well, have time only for the driving range these days :) )
What’s one thing about you wew’d never learn just by chatting up with you at the coffee bar? How much I care about a company’s cultures and values.
What do you do to keep yourself balanced? Running, chats with my wife, and not putting my life on pause for the startup.
How has your business benefited from keeping you at a coworking space? I’ve enjoyed the great workspace and have had productive team working sessions in the conference room.

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