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6 Ways to Promote Wellness In Your OfficeMarch 6, 2014


There Has Been and Emphasis on Employee Health and Wellness 

Jamie Russo, chief of work and wellness at Enerspace — a co-working space in Palo Alto, Calif., and Chicago – knows the importance of incorporating healthy initiatives into the workplace on a dime. While we’d all love to have a five-star fitness facility and on-site massages built into our work environments, Russo says most initiatives that promote employee health and well-being can be achieved with little or no money. She says wellness needs to be built into a company’s culture and incorporated into workspace organization.

Incorporating Wellness at Work can be Simple yet TransformativeFebruary 6, 2014


Being fit at work can be simple

As we work in the first quarter of the New Year, health and wellness are always top of mind. Working in an office setting, however, can often discourage physical activity throughout the day, leaving today’s workers disheartened and sedentary.  Incorporating wellness into your workday or in your workplace doesn’t have to take work. Instead, it can just take small, manageable changes to your daily routine that will have a big impact.


3 Tips To Be Healthier At Work – February 4, 2014


Switch up your activities throughout the day

Office design company turnstone recently teamed up with Jamie Russo, chief of work and wellness at co-working space Enerspace, to find out how employees can incorporate health and fitness goals into their work days. The advice ranges from changing your desk chair to taking more walks throughout the day – basically anything you can do to enhance your normal movements.


Quick, Healthy Tips for Small Biz Owners & Employees- January 27, 2014


Change up your day

As we return to work this New Year, health is always top of mind. Working in an office setting can often discourage physical activity throughout the day, but turnstone, a Steelcase brand, believes you can actually leave the office healthier than when you arrive in the morning with just a few small changes to your daily routine


Chained to a cubicle all day?January 23, 3014


Here are 6 smart ways you can freshen your mind, muscles, and bones

Jamie Russo, chief of work + wellness at Enerspace (a co-working space in Palo Alto and Chicago devoted to incorporating wellness in the workplace) and turnstone have teamed up to offer this advice for desk bound workers to stay mentally “fresh” throughout the day.

How to work hard without ruining your health– December 11, 2013


Natural light and casual clothes

“We know that sitting all day is really bad for you and yet it’s so ingrained that that’s what you do all day,” she said. “You have to build those types of things in and create a culture of health. Otherwise, it’s not going to happen.”

Enerspace Chicago– Novemeber 25, 2013


Who’s at Enerspace?

“There is the founder of a women’s legal organization and the cofounding fathers of an obscure beach sport catching fire with Christian youth groups. There is a property manager on a Bluetooth device, a firm that imports grass-fed beef from Australia, a developer who says she is two weeks from launching her new app and three weeks from her first pivot.”


Give the gift of learning and experience- November 14, 2013


Brew up some fun

Teaching someone a new skill isn’t exactly something you can wrap up in a box with a bow — but it is the ultimate gift. So find a creative way to give that person on your list the gift of a class. Throughout the city and suburbs there are lots of places that offer classes for someone willing to try something new or get back to an old hobby.


Business Practices & Lessons Learned from Jamie Russo: Enerspace


When did the light bulb turn on?

The Enerspace concept was taken from Jamie’s dream of creating work spaces that supported overall well being. From the experiences in visiting companies with her previous healthcare start up, she saw ill designed spaces, outdated furniture, unhealthy food options and lack of cultural support for wellness. “I wanted to just get totally out of the box and create really healthy, productive work spaces for people that can choose where they want to work. By the year 2025, experts predict that at least 40% of the work force will be independent and will not have to report to an employer site every day. So Enerspace is at the forefront of that evolution.“

Coworking Space in Palo Alto Becomes Home to Tech Start-Ups, SAT Tutor, Austrian Journalist Palo Alto, CA – September 11, 2013

A new coworking space just opened in Palo Alto near Highway 101 and Embarcadero. This is the second location for Enerspace – its original 9,000 sq foot space is in Chicago’s West Loop. Enerspace describes itself as the modern workspace for today’s entrepreneurs and mobile professionals.

The Palo Alto location at 2225 East Bayshore Road is attracting its share of the area’s high concentration of start-ups, but unlike the area’s many accelerator programs, welcomes a diverse range of professions. Its early members run the gamut of tech start-ups, designers, journalists and business development pros that need a place to keep up their energy. Enerspace is designed to support a variety of work styles with a mix of offices set up for individuals or small teams, dedicated workstations, and a large café area for drop-in seating and meeting rooms. To align with its founder, Jamie Russo’s mission of “workspace plus wellness,” the space offers bike storage, standing desks, an atrium for outdoor working or creative thinking, an abundance of natural light, access to running trails, showers, healthy lunch options and partnerships with local health startups.

The space is accented in red and orange, the colors of passion and energy. Enerspace Palo Alto is a unique, ground-breaking joint venture between a coworking space committed to a very modern, urban aesthetic focused on supporting a collaborate community and Pacific Business Centers(PBC), a provider of on-demand office space with 15 locations in California. PBC is very engaged in supporting the future of work and thinks that the coworking model growth is only in its infancy. “We started getting excited about coworking in 2004 when Neil Goldberg opened the Gate-3 Work Club in Emeryville, one of the first incarnations of the coworking concept,” said Laurent Dhollande, CEO of Pacific Business Centers; “We are thrilled to have found with Jamie Russo a terrific partner with whom we can drive this model away from trial-and-error experimentation to building a reliable work community platform for freelancers and start-ups.”

Citizen Space, which opened in 2006 in San Francisco, is recognized as one of the very first coworking spaces that is still in business. In 2007 there were 75 coworking spaces worldwide. Between 2009 and 2012, the number doubled each year and there are now over 2,700 spaces with 4.5 new locations opening each day.* Coworking growth is driven by a range of cultural shifts including the low cost of starting a tech company, the burgeoning freelancer community, the belt-tightening of corporate real estate managers and the growing participation in the shared economy.

Pacific Business Centers already hosts more than 2,000 solopreneurs and start-ups in its 15 Northern California locations and understands what early stage entrepreneurs need to succeed. “We give them access to private offices, virtual offices, conference rooms, and we support them with a robust shared infrastructure”, said Dhollande, “But the innovation behind the Enerspace approach is the peer-to-peer support that takes place more naturally in a coworking environment, and is invaluable for early stage entrepreneurs, while still providing a highly professional work environment. People join for a productive place to get stuff done among like-minded individuals trying to do great things.”

“Enerspace is very excited to be in Silicon Valley as a resource not only to start-ups but the growing base of employees that get to choose where they get their work done each day. Our mission is to design spaces that help people around the country do their best work,” says Russo.

Enerspace Coworking Hosts Community Manager UNconference

Tim McDonald
May 14, 2013

Tim McdonaldEnerspace Coworking in Chicago will be the host venue for Community Manager UNconference in Chicago on June 22. Learn about what Enerspace Coworking is, why is was started by Jamie Russo and what you’ll have to look forward to at #cmgrUN Find more about Enerspace Coworking at and register to attend #cmgrUN on June 22 at

16 Beautiful Workspaces for Freelancers

Business Insider
Jay Yarrow
April 17, 2013

Cowork Seats

Have you ever looked at those jazzy Google offices longingly and thought to yourself, “I wish I had a nice space like that?” Well, you can.Thanks to LiquidSpace, which rents offices around the U.S. on an hourly basis, you can set up shop in some pretty swanky space. We’ve run through some of the nicest offices available for rent in this slideshow.

What’s In a Coworking Space?

SoMe Connect Blog
Megan McSherry
April 4, 2013
Recently, the SoMe Team had the opportunity to declare a new HQ: the coworking space Enerspace Chicago. Situated in the West Loop, Enerspace Chicago boasts “workspace + wellness” for its tenants. Floor to ceiling windows, exposed brick and fiery red and orange décor give this place a tangible energy conducive to idea hashing and collaboration.

Power Lunches Coworking Style

Amanda Gray
March 12, 2013
Power Lunches are typically associated with the corporate lifestyle. We imagine business suits, fancy cars, folders full of incomprehensible paperwork, racking up a huge tab and then putting it on the company card. Power Lunches set the stage for interviews, meetings, planning projects, and of course, the basic need to eat. Yet what about those who also need to meet with clients and have meetings, but don’t have the freedom to take them out to a steak dinner on the company credit card?

Enerspace Elevates Your Creativity and your Heart Rate

Meet Advisors
February 26, 2013

Confession: I work from home, and some days I never make it out of my pajamas. On other days, lunch consists of a jar of peanut butter and a spoon. Despite living such a glamorous life, sometimes I wish my workdays were a little bit less…sedentary. Considering how many people telecommute, I hope I’m not the only one who has made the couch my office, but fortunately there is hope out there for people like me.

Biz Mama:  Jamie Russo of Enerspace

Lidia Varesco Design
February 27, 2013

Jamie Russo of Enerspace has a lot of start-up experience as well as big co consulting and brand management. Her passion is health and wellness, particularly helping people create a lifestyle that helps them excel at their business endeavors and achieve superior mental and physical wellness. After growing a health services company that became focused on getting employees at large companies engaged in their health, she conceived of this idea to fully integrate work and wellness.  The ability to self-select a work environment through coworking spaces is an explosive trend and she is shaping the ability to choose an environment that fosters optimal well-being. Chicago is the first location. Enerspace will be taking workplace + wellness national in 2014.

The Evolution of Work – Coworking

The Office Blend
Marla Gottschalk
February 8, 2013
The evolution of work has continued – a fascinating process whereby the structure of work changes to meet the state of the external world. In a previous post, I have discussed the development of permalancers and slashers. These groups have grown significantly in recent years, partially in response to the ongoing challenges of the current economy and job market. To work is to live – and the structure of that work has had to flex with the times. For many, working independently has become the best and most viable option.

6 Ways Coworking Spaces Promote Community and Collaboration

January 29, 2013
Hopefully by now you’re familiar with the many benefits of coworking and collaborative work spaces. If not, be sure to read our post, “8 Perks of Coworking Spaces for Savvy Entrepreneurs.”  If you’re still on the fence about whether or not to join a coworking space, or if you can’t afford a full throttle membership, then at least check out some of the fun and educational events offered that will inspire you and connect you to people you want and need to meet.

Chicago’s Exploding Tech Startup Scene:  Second to None

Huffington Post
Rebekah Illif

After having left Chicago for the West Coast nearly six years ago, I recently returned on a technology-related business trip anxious to assuage my FOMO on perhaps the greatest tech opportunity in the U.S. Within 24 hours of my arrival I was connected to a handful of the city’s startup ringmasters, offered VIP tickets to EE12 (Chicago’s preeminent New Year’s Eve event for entrepreneurs benefitting the H Foundation) and invited to the CEC’s 2013 Startup Forecast event.

Chicago Coworking Spaces:  Everything You Need to Know
Orbit Media
July 20, 2012

Is it time to get your idea out of that second bedroom? Not ready to sign a lease for a workspace? You’ve got options. There are now at least six coworking spaces in Chicago, each with different amenities, pricing options and vibes. Let’s take a look.

Healthy Food, Collaborate Workspaces and More

Crain’s Chicago Business
Robert Loerzel
March 6, 2012

Enerspace Chicago: This 4,000-square-foot “co-working space” is open now at 1046 W. Kinzie St. in Chicago’s West Town, with a choice of open, semi-private and private work spaces. Professionals and entrepreneurs who sign up for a flexible month-to-month membership agreement get 24/7 access to the space, with an office manager on duty from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Amenities include conference rooms and phone booths for private conversations. The space has free high-speed Wi-Fi Internet access, as well as printers, scanners and copiers. Enerspace is run by Jamie Russo, and the company plans to open similar spaces in other cities.

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